Tradition and Quality From the Bean to Every Sip

At Ambrozina Specialty Coffee, our goal is to combine the tradition from the best coffee farmers with the quality from the most recent technologies in the selections of beans. Ambrozina aims to achieve that goal by adhering to our priorities: respect for human beings and the environment. From the seed to your cup, our efforts reflect our passion for farming and processing the best coffee beans.

We produce, sort and roast micro-lots of special coffee beans to provide a unique experience in taste and aroma. As a token of our commitment to our values, Ambrozina partners with farmers that carry the UTZ Certification.

The UTZ Certification is the most extensive program for sustainable farming of coffee in the world. The compliance with their strict requirements means appropriate and modest use of fertilizers, pesticides, water and energy. It means children of coffee farmers sent to school rather than put to work. Farmworkers are given decent labour rights, housing and healthcare. And farmers empowered to act as professionals and become better businessmen and women.

Ambrozina has its roots from the Sul de Minas region of Brazil, the heart of the largest coffee producing area on the planet. As such, we have access to a great variety of coffee beans, each having different aromas, taste and sensations. It is our pleasure to share that with our customers.